CellPay 12" Mobile Credit Card Reader 3.5mm Audio Cable Extension - Otterbox Compatible - (male to female)

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CellPay Accessories 12" 3.5mm audio extension cable is designed for mobile credit card processing without removing your Otterbox or any case. Never remove your case again with this 3.5mm audio cable by CellPay. Works with any cell phone (Samsung, Motorola, iPhone 5, 4(S), 3G(S), or tablet that has a 3.5mm audio jack. Compatible with any 3.5mm audio jack mobile credit card reader by: RoamData (Roampay, Payment Jack, Pay Anywhere, PhoneSwipe, Sage), IDTech (UniMag, Shuttle), PayPal Here, Square, Verifone Audio Secure and more. Never again fumble to accept a credit card with a case. Extend your 3.5mm audio port from any cell phone / mobile device tablet to your new mobile credit card reader while using your protective case. CellPay Accessories audio cable is perfect for mobile credit card processing with the Otterbox Defenders series, Trident, Spec or any protective mobile device case that isn't working with your mobile credit card reader. CellPay Accessories has manufactured the only 3.5mm audio cable that works with 3.5mm mobile credit card readers on the market today. If you prefer a 6" cable here is the link: https://cellpayaccessories.com/affiliate/38/node/898 and for a 18" cable click here.

Special Features:

• Easily connect your Mobile Phone / Tablet to a mobile credit card reader (3.5mm audio connection)

• Right angle male 3.5mm audio connection works with most protective cases (i.e. Otterbox, Trident, Specks, Case-mate and more)

• 12 inch length

• 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female audio cable

• Otterbox, GumDrop, Specks, Trident, Case-mate compatible.

• 3.5mm mobile credit card reader audio extension cable for:

• RoamData's ( RoamPay, Total Merchant Services PaymentJack, Sage Mobile Payment Solutions, North American Bancard Pay AnyWhere / PhoneSwipe)

• IDTech UniMag Series (UniMag I, UniMag II, UniMag Pro and Shuttle),

• MagTek uDynamo,

• Paypal Here mobile reader,

• Square,

• AnyWhere Commerce "Rambler"

• Verifone secure audio reader,

• Intuit GoPayment Please call for details or if you have any questions.

FAQ 1 - Yes compatible with iPhone 5 and all Otterbox cases

FAQ2 - PayPal Here software issue. To work, 1st plug reader into cable then cable into device.

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