Naztech MFi 1450mAh Power Case Apple iPhone 4

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The Naztech iPhone 4 Power Case sports a built-in battery which nearly doubles the life of your iPhone. Featuring a low profile and slim design, you will forget you are carrying extra power on the go. With the added kick-stand, you can enjoy your iPhone for voice, music, video, games and business applications with extended, stable power.
Special Features:
• Slim Profile
• Extends Battery Life
• Overcharge Protection
• LED Battery Indicators Specifications:
• Input: 5V
• Output: 5V
• Miliamp: 1450 mAh
• Weight: Approx. 53.5g
• Dimensions: 61mm x 15mm x 124mm
• Protection: Short Circuit / Over Charge

Apple: Apple iPhone 4(S), Apple iPhone 4S

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