Motorola Droid X MB810 & Droid X2 MB870 - USB Docking Charging Cradle Kit with Battery Slot

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The Desktop Charging Cradle for the Motorola Droid X is a worry-free holder for your mobile lifestyle. Conveniently position your handheld for speakerphone calls, watching movies, or listening to music - while winding a charger behind the Charging Pod to re-power and/or a data cable to your handheld's USB port for syncing.

Special Features:
• Custom-fitted cradle lets your phone sit comfortably on your desk
• Synchronize, charge and transfer files via USB connection
• Battery slot lets you charge a second battery by itself or at the same time with your phone
• Comes with an AC power adapter to charge your PDA phone if you don't have a computer/laptop USB connection available
• USB connection/charging cable
• AC power adapter

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