Naztech Carbon Fiber Graphite Shield for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S- Silverdd

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Naztech presents new and improved Carbon Fiber Graphite iPhone 4 Shields. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd of boring and flimsy plastic accessories, Graphite is the shield for you. This hand crafted, lightweight case provides exotic sporty styling with sophisticated luxury comforts, all while allowing users complete access to the iPhone 4's features. Carbon fiber Graphite shields have a unique appeal unlike any other. Combine that with the super strong shell and the snug form fit, and there's no going wrong with these state of the art iPhone 4 shields. Protect your iPhone with Graphite.

Special Features:
•World-class protection, raised to an art form.
•Lightweight Microfiber Interior.
•Handcrafted from imported Italian materials.

Apple: Apple iPhone 4 CDMA, Apple iPhone 4(S), Apple iPhone 4S

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