iPhone 4(s) Metal Plaid (2D Silver) /Black Fishbone Phone Protector Cover

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The Fishbone style cover for the Apple iPhone 4 & 4S offers ultimate protection for your cell phone as it is both a silicone case and hard plastic TPU cover that offers maximum protection for your iPhone 4(S). The Fishbone style covers all eight (8) corners, four (4) per side. This case is very durable and will definitely be able to protect your Apple iPhone 4 & 4S in the event it happens to slip out of your hands.

Special Features

  • Combined silicone skin case with a hard plastic TPU cover
  • Case reinforced from the front edges and protects the phone from scratches or dust
  • Color designs to give your phone a unique style
  • RoamPay rubber stopper must be removed
  • IDTech UniMag and IDTech iMag Compatible
  • Compatible Models:
    Apple: iPhone 4 (AT&T) & iPhone 4 (Verizon)
Apple: Apple iPhone 4(S), Apple iPhone 4S

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