Naztech N4000 Universal Phone Mount and Charger, Includes iPhone Micro USB and Mini USB Adaptors

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The Naztech n4000 is an incredible universal car mount that holds in place your Smartphone, PDA, GPS, Music Player -- and charges it super fast too! The unit offers a flexible 360° degree rotational head for a perfect fit in any car. This Vehicle Mount and Charger include: a Micro USB, Mini USB, iPhone tips, and an additional USB charging port so that you can charge a secondary device simultaneously.

During testing, we took an Apple iPhone 4S that had no battery, plugged it in to the N4000 and within 45 - 60 seconds the iPhone was back on and working versus needing 4-5 minutes to charge and turn on with other chargers.

Special Features:
• 360° Rotating for Landscape or Portrait Positioning
• Push Button Quick-Release
• Flexible Gooseneck
• Padded Side-Grip
• Rotation Lock
• Auxiliary USB Charging Port
• Included Micro USB, Mini USB, iPhone Interchangeable tips
• Power to Charge 2 Devices
• Blue LED

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