SAMSUNG M820 (Galaxy Prevail) Fishbone Titanium Red/Black

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SAMSUNG M820 (Galaxy Prevail) is an investment deserving the ultimate protection while accepting credit cards for your business, guard it with the Fishbone Fusion protector cell phone covers! The inner silicone core absorbs shock from bumps and drops and the hard plastic shell adds extra protection to all four corners. The Fishbone case is compatible with RoamPay G2, G3X reader, Payment Jack, IDTech UniMag I, UniMag II, UniMag Pro, Square mobile credit card readers to accept credit cards over your cell phone while it remains protected

SAMSUNG M820 (Galaxy Prevail) Fishbone Case Special Features:

  • •Elegant form- fitting design
  • •Two layers for maximum protection
  • •Protects from scratches and minor shock
  • •Remains thin for pocket or purse
  • •Access to all your phones features
  • •Mobile credit card reader compatible
Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Compatible Card Reader: 

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