Universal backup power station with dual-USB output and built-in 5600mAh Li-poly battery

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*Universal backup power station with dual-USB output and built-in 5600mAh Li-poly battery.

*One USB outputs 5V/2.1A, another USB outputs 5V/0.5A, supports iPad/iPhone/iPod/other mobile devices.

*Intelligent MCU power assignment and management.

*Latest energy-save design, static wasting current only 100uA

*Multiple safety protection circuit.

*Compact and thin design,only 110x70x16mm/145g, easy to take.

*LEDs indicates battery balance volume and working status.

*Mini USB input interface. *Color: white or black, UV painting surface

*Price include 1pc USB charging cable and 8pc charging tips for iPhone/mobile phones

*Packaging:color box

*CE/FCC/RoHS compliant

*MOQ 500pc

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